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Should you have any questions, simply contact us per mail, telephone or social media.

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Plakat Rechte für Frauen


Women helping Women Sandesneben & Umgebung was founded in February of 2020 by ten women from Herzogtum- Lauenberg, Ahrensburg and Hamburg.

The goal of this organization is to actively combat violence against women and children. The exact purpose can be found in the statute.

The organization works on the "LAND-GRAZIEN" project and it is also an advice center for women and kids, who have been, or are currently affected by violence. Women or kids who fear being affected or simply want to prevent it, can also contact and receive advice from us. An additional project we are working on is the "KIDS-CLUB" Project.

Women and kids who are interested in joining the organization, or working on a voluntary basis, can contact us per E-mail at info@fhf-sandesneben.de or call us at 04536-8909929.

Plakat Rechte für Frauen


The Land Grazien offers support to women and kids in a variety of forms. It doesn`t matter if you have been victimized in the past, or you are currently being affected, or you are seeking to simply prevent it from happening, we find a solution that suits you and your specific needs. We are here to help you as best we can.


Should you not be mobile due to a defective vehicle, or a public transportation strike, it`s no problem for us. Thanks to our own vehicle, we are able to come to your location and meet with you.


Plakat Kinderrechte


Our project LAND-GRAZIEN offers support for women and kids. It does not matter if you’ve been affected by violence in the past, experiencing it right now or want to prevent becoming affected by it. We are here to support you and help you find your path.

It does not pose a problem if you are not mobile because your car broke down are the busses are running irregularly, we are here for you! Thanks to our “Beratungsmobil”, our van, we will gladly come to you and meet you close to your home.

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