What is physical violence?

When women and men speak about domestic violence, they think about physical violence.

Physical violence means hitting, kicking, choking, burning and killing. 

However, this does not have to be the case. Domestic violence includes much more than physical violence and very often becomes a process.

What is social violence?

Another form of violence is social violence. Perhaps your partner forbids you from going out with certain friends, or maybe they demand to be asked for permission prior to you going out.  Maybe they constantly control your whereabouts. All of this is a form of social violence.

Amongst other things, social violence involves isolating, locking in, controlling, criticizing or forbiding social contacts.


Perhaps you are asking yourselves if your relationship is a violent one. To help you answer the question, we have listed six categories which can help you come to a conclusion.

1. Inequality instead on equal footing

A violent partner doesn`t see his partner as an equal and therefore, isn´t entitled to the same rights. Hallmarks of a violent relationship are power, dominance, and control.

Examples: They attempt to exercise control over you by involving themself in all of your decisions whilst not involving you in their own decisions. They, themself don`t want to be held to their word, or commit to what they say, but fully expect you to do so. In uncomfortable discussions, they aren´t forthcoming or honest and end the discussion when and however they want to. In doing so, they maintain control over what is being discussed and what isn`t.